With more than three decades of experience serving the energy and manufacturing sectors, the Conroe Instrument name has a value beyond it's years.

Alan Platt Headshot

Alan Platt, President

Growing up in Texas in the 50’s and 60’s there was a pretty good chance you would end up working in the oilfield. When traveling with his family, a young Alan was fascinated by the rigs that lit up the night horizon, and the sight of a tank battery or compressor always seemed larger than life. So, it’s no surprise he made his home in the oilfield.

As a high school student, Alan worked for his dad, learning to calibrate pressure gauges and recorders. After graduation, Alan dove full time into something that became more than just a way to make a living, but also a challenge to learn and grow in an industry that was rapidly changing.

Alan started Conroe Instrument & Controls Co. in 1984, a time that found the energy industry struggling, and complicated even more, the normal difficulties faced by a new business. He learned quickly that customers responded to three things above all: honesty, quality and hard work, so with an intact Texas work ethic, Alan made those traits the foundation of his business.

More than thirty-five years later, you'll find those traits are still the driving force behind Conroe Instrument & Controls, and Alan's belief that success is not just measured by how big you grow to be, but also by looking back at the work you’ve done and knowing it was done right.